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Refer a Friend Online Casino Bonuses

Several online casinos today have a promotional offer called the refer a friend bonus, which basically rewards registered members for recommending the casino to a friend. The player will receive a free cash bonus when that friend registers an account and then makes his or her first deposit.

This is a fantastic online casino promotional offer because it often has very few restrictions, however it does have several terms that you must be aware of. You cannot simply tell your friend(s) about an online casino and then if they sign up, expect to receive some free cash. You must also remember that not all online casinos actually have this special offer.

If this offer is available, you will need to carefully follow the instructions because you may need to send your friend a specific link which they must follow and then through this link that you have sent them, they can then register an account with the casino.

There may also be a section somewhere in the casino where you may be required to simply enter the names of up to five or more players. By doing this, the casino will take over and then send emails out to your friends. If your friend is expecting this email and then signs up to the casino, you should receive your bonus.

You will probably receive a larger chunk of free cash than your friend. He or she must remember to complete the online application form with the correct details and then make a deposit before either of you are eligible for any of the free bonus cash. Some online casinos offer players $/€/£50 for each friend they successfully refer and then for example the friend will receive perhaps $/€/£25, but only when your friend has completed the sign up process.

Always check through the bonus terms and conditions with this promotional offer because sometimes the friend that you recommend has to deposit more than the minimum amount. For example, the casino’s standard minimum deposit amount may be $/€/£5.00, but to cash in from this deal, your friend may need to deposit somewhere between $/€/£20 to $/€/£30, otherwise both you and your friend will not qualify for the bonus cash.