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Online Casino Payouts

Players are naturally better off playing at an online casino rather than at a land based casino because the average payout percentage rate (aka the return-to-player percentage) is generally much higher online. The following information reveals how this percentage is calculated.

For some players, the most important thing to consider when signing up to an online casino is their payout percentage rate but other players may not even have the faintest idea about how online casino payouts work or even knew it existed. All of today’s reputable online casinos are frequently audited and this information should always be quite easy to find should you decide to look for it.

The average payout percentage rate for a casino simply reveals how much money is returned to the player and how much cash the casino keeps for itself. Some online casinos have what is regarded as a relatively low payout percentage rate of 92-93% whereas the more generous online casinos have an average payout percentage rate that hovers somewhere between 97%-98.5%.

This doesn’t mean that if you spend $10 in the casino that you are guaranteed to receive more than $9.5 back in winnings. This calculation is based on the total amount of real cash wagers spent by ALL registered members in the casino and how much money is returned back to the players.

If the casino has a 98.2% payout percentage rate, it means that on average they will payback 98.2% of all cash wagered within the casino and they will only line their pockets with the remaining 1.8%. This may not seem like much for the operator, but when you think of it in terms of millions of pounds or dollars, this is a great deal of cash.

Some players are also misled into thinking that the 1% or 2% variation in a casinos payout percentage rate is going to make a great deal of difference, but in fact you will not really be able to notice any difference in the results whatsoever.

Only an untrustworthy online casino will NOT reveal their payout percentage rates and it could mean that they are using faulty software or that they have manipulated these rates in such a way that it could be extremely unfavourable for the player. You should find that the every online casino has an average payout rate, but their individual games such as online slots will also have their own payout percentage rate.